Beautiful Flowers for the Budget Savvy!

I ordered bulk flowers for my wedding reception centerpieces. I was on a strict budget and thought I would do my own table arrangements. I was a bit hesitant to do so but found FlowersWholesale.ca and felt I had nothing to lose and only money to save. I only had 2 months to plan my wedding and I was so happy that FlowersWholesale was able to send me the flowers I dreamed of having with very little notice. The videos and help tutorials really showed me how easy it is to make your own centerpieces. My girlfriends and I had a lot of fun making them too! I have to say I received the highest level of customer service, and the end product was just stunning, even better than I hoped. The centerpieces were so elegant with a mix of red and pink Roses paired with Eucalyptus Berries. The flowers were so fresh, and caring for them was really easy. FlowersWholesale.ca exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend them to any bride-to-be or even to anyone needing bulk flowers on a budget. I saved alot of money without compromising quality. I am so glad I found you online!

Sandy M. Calgary, AB
Sandy's Centerpieces

An Excellent Service for an Event Planner

I am an event planner who mainly coordinates small corporate events, weddings and fundraisers. I take care of planning all details of these events from theme, venue to decor. I recently started offering fresh flower decorations as part of my services. I found alot of clients would request flower arrangements and I was sub-contracting this service out. I am so glad to have found FlowersWholesale.ca, because now I can order the florals myself, and in turn make more money on the events I hold. For the very first time I offered this service I was a bit nervous so I ordered flowers from FlowersWholesale.ca and from another company located in my hometown as a backup. (I would rather not mention any names) The other company called at the last minute and said that they could not get me what I needed. I contacted FlowersWholesale.ca a few days before the event and they were able to fullfill the 2nd order I had placed with the local company. They shipped me everything, on time. I just have to say thank you for the excellent service!!! Since providing the flower arrangements myself was a great success I will definately keep offering this service to my clients. Ordering wholesale flowers allows me to be even more creative with the events I hold as well as I now can make more money on each event I hold.

Marco G., Toronto, ON
Marco's Event 

Great Flowers on a Tight Budget

When I was looking for flowers for my wedding I was getting very depressed by the general cost. I then thought "why not use some elbow grease and do some arrangements myself?". I am a crafty person and love to take on new challenges. So the search for flowers on a wholesale level came into play. At first I was not having much luck as I was approaching local florists and the "discounted" prices they were quoting still seemed a bit expensive. When I found FlowersWholesale.ca I could not believe my eyes when I saw how many flowers I was getting for the low quoted price. When telling my fiance about the low cost of flowers on your website, he could not believe it either. I really appreciated the free consultation with Bunches Bob as he was so helpful in suggesting flowers to suit my theme and budget. He even gave me tips on creating my own bouquets. For all the beautiful flowers I recieved at such a low cost one word descibes it "amazing". The assembly took a bit of time, but I had a great experience creating the arrangements. It was actually a stress reliever! In the end, I received numerous compliments on the bridesemaid bouquets and people could not believe I did them myself! Now instead of buying flowers from a florist for any other event I will definitely use FlowersWholesale.ca!

Jennifer J., Brampton, ON
Jennifer's Testimonial 

Great Wedding Savings!

I was hesitant about ordering flowers online so I spoke with customer service several times about my order. They always promptly returned my calls. Since I was not a flower expert I wanted to be sure I was choosing flowers that were suitable for my wedding. I had a great consultation with Bunches Bob as he was so friendly and really knew his stuff. He told me everything I needed to know about how to care for my flowers when they arrived and up until the big day! My flowers were delivered on Thursday for my Saturday wedding. Everything looked beautiful. AS a tip, just be mindful of the types of flowers you order and of their specific needs. And remember to follow the easy care instructions provided by FlowersWholesale.ca. The flowers need at least 12 hours to hydrate and keep this in mind when you choose your delivery date. You will also need to give yourself plenty of time to do the arrangements. I made my arrangements with the help of my mother and mother-in-law. It was a nice experience doing something like this with family as we had time to bond and talk before the big day. It really wasn’t difficult to do, and I was proud to tell people we made the bouquets and floral decorations. Overall, I was happy with the experience and I saved alot of money. With the money saved on our wedding flowers we were able to extend our honeymoon three extra nights! That was well worth it.

Alliah R., Montreal, QC
Alliah's Testimonial