Why Order From FlowersWholesale.ca?

There are so many reasons why you should choose Flowerswholesale.ca to fill your floral needs. Since we sell beautiful fresh flowers to individuals and businesses that need bulk quantities, we are able to provide unbeatable wholesale flower prices. By purchasing flowers through FlowersWholesale.ca, you will get flowers shipped directly from the grower which in turn eliminates the need for a middle man. That also means that your flowers are in transit for less time and they will arrive at your doorstep as fresh as can be. They are so fresh, we recommend having them delivered a few days before the event so they have time to bloom!

Who can benefit from purchasing from FlowersWholesale.ca?

Anyone can benefit! Whether you are a bride-to-be, an event planner or a business owner who needs a bulk order of flowers at low prices then we are your solution. Whether you’re planning a wedding, decorating for an event, or are in need of flowers to sell for a fundraising campaign, we’ll be happy to assist you in making your event even more special and successful! We offer so many types of fresh florals including roses, daisies, lilies, gerberas, orchids and tropical greenery to name a few and are sure you will be pleased with the wide selection to choose from.

Other Benefits Gained When Using FlowersWholesale.ca:

1.We Guarantee your satisfaction 100%

- high prices
- high minimum
- larger than you need quantities

- low prices
- guaranteed superior quality
- low minimums
- wide assortment of flowers from around the world

2.You will have a dedicated account manager to attend to all your requests and needs
3.We custom pack your order with low $100 minimum, other companies have high minimums or even add your delivery charges into the price.

Here is an example of how you can save with FlowersWholesale.ca

By buying wholesale and designing the arrangements yourself, you can save a lot on your wedding or event flowers. Floral arrangements can be extremely expensive. With the price of weddings or events these days, who wants to spend thousands of dollars on flowers when you can spend a few hundred and have amazing floral displays that you made yourself.

Why do we have Fresher Flowers? We buy directly from growers so your flowers are in transit less and arrive fresh at your doorstep. They will last longer and be ready to bloom when you receive them. See diagram below.

Note: They are so fresh, we recommend having them delivered a few days before the wedding so they have time to open up!